Jeff Shelton is a mechanical engineer with 20+ years experience in machine design, manufacturing operations, and engineering management. Currently making a career shift from industry to academics, he is presently teaching courses in mechatronics and measurement systems on the main campus of a Big Ten university.  When he finds the time, Jeff also runs the website Engineering Revision.

Adam is a civil engineer from the mid-West specializing in roadway construction. He provides the perspective of those who work on large, collaborative efforts, as well as engineers working outside the commercial realm to our bi-weekly discussions. In his free time Adam dabbles in electronics as he automates his home brewing setup.

Brian is an electrical engineer from Minnesota specializing in avionics, and working for a smaller firm. Brian offers the insights of talented engineers who “do it all” to keep their employers successful and profitable.

Carmen Parisi is employed by an analog IC company in North Carolina and works on switching regulators for computing applications.  Aside from his color commentary, Carmen voices the joys and frustrations of being an applications engineer within a large corporation. Every now and again he still manages to make a post on his own blog Fake EE Quips.

Chris Gammell is the former host and founder of TEC. He still makes the occasional appearance on the show but has since moved on to other projects including Contextual Electronics and growing The Amp Hour podcast.

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