Episode 56 — Analog Footsteps

VacuumTubesWe discuss the legendary engineers of analog electronics with Linear Technology’s Todd Nelson.

Thanks to Rony B. Chandran for his photograph titled “Vacuum Tubes.” Podcast theme music by Paul Stevenson.

3 thoughts on “Episode 56 — Analog Footsteps”

  1. Great podcast! I just started listening and pretty much love it! 😀 Greetings from Peru

  2. Thanks for the reply 🙂 Well, I’m just listening to the Podcast #9, so i don’t know yet if you guys have talked about this. But I would like to know if a recently graduated student should go and study a masters or get a job. Also, what kind of opportunities would give me doing a MBA or getting a PhD (Btw im a Mechatronics Engineering enthusiastic tudent :D) Also it would very nice if you give a little talk about my carrer

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