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Episode 137 — Late Summer

In an episode that was recorded in early October, Adam, Carmen, and Jeff reflect on their summer activities, and on plans for the remaining months of 2017.

  • Carmen spent a lot of his summer traveling, both domestically and internationally.
  • Although he spends a good deal of time dealing with marketing people, Carmen claims that he’s not gone over to the “dark side.”
  • Entering his second year of full-time employment with a Midwestern university, Jeff finds his time is frequently relegated to administrative duties.
  • We learn that Carmen is an advocate of xeriscaping, a landscaping style that seeks to reduce the need for irrigation. Jeff, on the other hand, is a fan of letting native weeds influence his landscaping efforts.
  • For over a century, a tree has been growing atop the roof of the Decatur County Courthouse in Greensburg, Indiana.
  • Adam has been quite busy at work, as the legislature in his state decided to allocate additional monies for road construction.
  • In his rare free moments, Adam has been constructing a deck for his house.
  • Jeff suggests that engineering projects are “messy” due to their complexity, as well as the uncertainty of creating new methods, processes and products.
  • Many engineering projects involve complex sales, in which the sale of a good or service involves many steps and requires the approval of multiple individuals.
  • Mention is made of Dr. James Trevelyan, who made guest appearances on Episode 19 and Episode 68 of The Engineering Commons.
  • Jeff inquires if Adam manages his professional projects proactively, or “by exception.”
  • Engineers are often asked to deal with “edge cases,” claims Jeff, rather than “middle-of-the-road” issues.
  • Somehow the conversation devolves into a discussion of plowing roads with vertical loops (loop-de-loops).
  • Jeff, Carmen, and Adam take turns talking about seasonality in the engineering profession.
  • Carmen recently appeared on the podcast Embedded.fm, in an episode titled Bavarian Folk Metal. One of Embedded’s co-hosts, Elecia White, previously appeared on Episode 77 of The Engineering Commons.

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Episode 135 — Target Audience

In this episode of The Engineering Commons, the gang discusses tailoring a presentation to meet the needs and interests of your intended audience.

  • Adam’s favorite form of communication is an old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.
  • The data throughput of smoke signals is a bit too slow for Carmen’s needs.
  • Jeff suggests flag semaphore as an alternative means of communication.
  • When Carmen suggests that engineering involves “blowing stuff up in the lab,” Jeff and Adam insist on additional details.
  • The group sarcastically agrees that PowerPoint is the answer for solving all communication problems.
  • Brian notes the difficulties of trying to dig into technical issues when the audience is a mixture of technical experts and non-technical stakeholders.
  • A discussion ensues concerning why engineers end up in meetings, and the communication objective of various meeting types.
  • Adam pounces when Carmen utters the phrase “controlling the narrative.”
  • Dwight’s Speech” (YouTube) from the US television show “The Office” is referenced by Brian.
  • Brian points out that, in an effort to be honest and transparent, engineers tend to highlight the limits of their knowledge when dealing with non-engineering colleagues.
  • An article titled “Consider Your Audience” is mentioned by Carmen.
  • Carmen also references an article with presentation tips for engineers.
  • It’s important to present information in a manner that is easy for the audience to follow, rather in rigid chronological order, notes Jeff.
  • An intentionally bad PowerPoint presentation (from the University of Wisconsin) is mentioned by Carmen.
  • A possible middle ground between minimalist presentations and fully-detailed reports are the concept of Slidedocs.

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Episode 117 — Soft Skills

staypuftThis episode of The Engineering Commons dives into the importance of “soft skills” to engineering professionals.

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